Arm Recovery - Technique Session

Well done today, remember body rotation is key to this. If you are flat in your BR then the correct arm recovery is hard to achieve.


  1. Once you finish the stroke at the back 
  2. Pop with the elbow and roll the elbow through the recovery
  3. DON'T try and lift the hand and move the hand to the entry - this will be controlled with the elbow.
  4. At Entry - stable shoulders
  5. DON'T REACH FORWARD - if you finish at the back of the stroke with the opposition arm you will get a natural rotation and forward movement happening.

On Entry

  1. Hand is lower than wrist
  2. Wrist is lower than elbow
  3. Elbow is lower than shoulder
  4. Shoulder is nice and high

These points above are reliant on you having a stable and high shoulder position - very hard to achieve if you drop the shoulder. 

Under the water

  1. Hand and forearm drive the movement 
  2. Keep your elbow nice and high
  3. Start slow and accelerate through the stroke and use your body rotation to help generate power 

Think about having your elbow pointing to the side of the pool as you take each stroke.  If your elbow is pointing up then you are most likely pulling from the elbow to drive the stroke under the water. 

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