Top 5 tips for Adults learning to swim

1. Swimming apparel 

I see many individuals learning to swim that may be a little self conscious of their body and therefore choose to wear loose clothing in the pool.  Swimming is a sport that requires as little drag as possible and by wearing clothing in the water you are creating an immediate obstacle to your success because it is dragging you lower in the water.

  • Get some proper togs
    • Guys - Blueseventy Energy Jammers are great for guys that don't want to wear "speedo type togs" and please don't wear board shorts - they really won't help you swim! 
    • Girls - There are lots of options for you but you may want to consider some of the Blueseventy range of women's swim wear or look at some of the Speedo Rash Vests if you'd like something like a T-shirt but covering more of your upper body.  

2. Relax and Breathe 

Learning to exhale your air in a relaxed fashion while the head is underwater is very important. Remember you don't have to blow all your air out (you don't do that when you're running or doing other sports). The key is to find a nice rhythm of exhalation and then rolling to the side and simply inhaling. This is much more efficient than large exhalations just before breathing or exhaling and inhaling while the head is turned.

3. Head position

Your head position influences your body position. If you try and swim with your head up (looking forward)  then the rest of your body will most likely be low in the water, so you will struggle to breathe. If you can learn to relax and have your head in a neutral position not only will you find it easier to relax and float in the water you will find it much easier to develop other areas of your swimming. 

4. Learn to kick

Your ability to kick correctly is pretty important for swimming and most adults learning to swim kick need to develop this skill and technique to successfully swim. 

  1. Point your toes behind you ie. in the opposite direction to where you want to go.
  2. Keep your kick relatively shallow, just below the surface of the water
  3. Little kicks - so not big splashing kicks!
  4. Kick from the hip not from your knees
  5. Keep your legs relaxed but don't let your ankles be too floppy or too rigid. 

5. Float/ KICK

Push off the wall and float at the surface of the water. Before you lose momentum and start to sink then bring in your small relaxed kick to help you maintain your body position on the surface of the water.  If you can start to do this successfully then you have started to develop the basic body position which is fundamental for swimming.  

HELP & Solutions

If you are having trouble with any of these areas above - Boost Coaching is here to help. I have worked with adults that have tried to learn through YouTube and honestly you will spend hours of your time trying to work out what you are doing wrong and still not get it right. In most cases I can : 

  1. Identify the problem within minutes of seeing you in the water
  2. Provide a solution to help you with the main issue
  3. Generally within the session I can provide a noticeable boost in your swimming ability

I offer private 1:1 sessions at a One Five One Corporate Health Club (low volume of people at the pool at any time). I will provide you with

  1. Confidence to advance
  2. A personalised approach
  3. Skills and drills to improve
  4. Guidance on the best way forward

I've seen a large number of adults coming out of other group classes feeling despondent with what they have achieved, only to be filled with confidence and renewed passion to learn after a single lesson with me.

Commit to one on one or private lessons and improve quicker due to the personalized advice and approach that it provides.