Boost Coaching Terms of Agreement

Boost Coaching is committed to working with you and your goals. The intention of this document below is to ensure that you're ready to make the commitment toward your goal too. Boost Coaching’s team have a limited number of athletes that they can work with, so by bringing you into the team the coaches will provide their on-going commitment to help you to achieve your goals. If your goals and intentions change during the process then please be aware that there are costs associated with cancellation and this is outlined below (just like gym membership/phone contract etc )  

While there is a financial commitment to this, we want this coaching relationship to work too. Communication is the key and has been an important part of the success of the 100's athletes that have come before you. So if there is any financial issue please talk to us, so we can find solutions and can continue to support your sporting goals. 

Current Rates

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Further financial information

  1. Please note your first invoice may be a part month payment depending on when you start.

  2. Invoices are billed one month in advance and are due on the first of each month - please set up an automatic payment for this. For an alternative payment date please let us know.

  3. Full payment is required for the final month no matter when the event falls during that month - this is not only for your primary event but for all future events after this.

  4. You are provided a one month trial period at which you may choose to cancel at no additional cost.

coaching agreement

  1. At the completion of the agreed period either party may terminate the coaching relationship or may continue with the coaching relationship on an ongoing basis.

  2. After 6 months the coaching may be cancelled by providing one month's notice.

  3. Cancellation prior to 6 months will require full payment of the remaining coaching months at the rate you were provided (up to 6 months).

  4. A free swim lesson or 30min run session is provided to athletes committing to 8 months or longer coaching period. Cancellation prior to 8 months will require payment for this service.

  5. In the event that an individual cancels and the cancellation costs are not completed 10 days after the invoice is sent then any costs incurred by the contracted collection agency are also payable.

  6. The training programs are the intellectual property of Boost Coaching Ltd. These are provided to you during the course of the training only. You may not share programs with other coaches, athletes or replicate the plan for your own future use. Boost Coaching has the right to remove our intellectual property from your Training Peaks account at the completion of your coaching and has the rights to request access to your Training Peaks account should you start working with other coaches or are replicating the intellectual property you were provided during the coaching period.

* The agreed period is the date of the primary event you are being coached toward.

* In the event of an injury, accident or sudden redundancy then we can discuss solutions with you which may involve short term breaks before re-starting. 

1 Month Trial Period

At the completion of the first month the coach or the athlete can terminate this agreement in writing if either party does not want to continue.

The first monthly payment and set up fee is non-refundable and the cost of the provided swim lesson will be payable (for individuals that indicated a 6 month + coaching period). 

Athletes on an ongoing coaching relationship 12+ months may take a one month holiday period

  • At any stage an athlete may take a one month holiday period from the coaching relationship at which point no payment needs to be made.

  • A request for a one month break must be a made in writing.

  • On re-starting the same rates at which you left will apply

  • Breaks over 1 month may re-start at new rates


By completing the first payment you agree to the terms of the coaching agreement.


To discuss this further please feel free to contact Andrew Mackay, the intention of this agreement is to provide a commitment to the goals that you have set with your coach and their on-going commitment to help you to achieve this.  

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