Arm Recovery

Utilizing the correct muscle groups during the arm recovery can help every swimmer create a more relaxed and smoother movement through the recovery.  

In-correct Method

A swimmer that users their traps and posterior (back) deltoid will generally do a number of things wrong at the back end of the stroke

  1. Finish short at the end of the stroke with the arm following the body rotation
  2. Pull their elbow over their back to start the recovery generally creating an over rotation of the upper body
  3. Low profile during the arm recovery (flat arm recovery)
  4. The arm will generally swing from over their back to across their front for the entry (cross over at the front of the stroke)

Correct Method

A swimmer that uses their pectorial and anterior (front) deltoid will create a strong smooth recovery movement because

  1. They've separated the arm recovery from the body rotation
  2. Can create height by pulling the elbow up
  3. High profile through the arm recovery
  4. Forward movement of the arm creates at clean entry around the optimal position - shoulder width apart.

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