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Swim Lessons

12+ Month Athlete Rates - 15% discount per lesson anytime

Choose - Swim 10+15 on the booking menu

<12month Athlete Rates - 10% discount per lesson anytime

Choose - SWIM 5+10 on the booking menu

How to make a booking

Just CLICK on the Book Now button on my Swim Lesson Page

Swim Equipment

Swim equipment including fins/pull buoys/ kick boards/ togs and more can be purchased directly from Boost at discounted rates - 10-20% off RRP for Speedo products.


I've used multiple brands of wetsuits but blueseventy has always been a leader in open water swimming suits. They have a great range of products that suit all levels and budgets. 

10-15% discount on wetsuits and equipment - contact me for pricing and further details. 

View the products online at


I can supply you with everyday low prices between 5-20% discount from a number of suppliers

  1. First Endurance Nutrition

  2. SIS - Science in Sport

  3. SOS Rehydration

  4. Em's Cookies

  5. Cliff

  6. Nuun

  7. Balance

  8. Nutrilife

  9. Vital Greens

If you want to learn about any of these products and the best options for you - please contact me directly. 


  1. Shoe Clinic Ponsonby will provide 10% discount on shoes plus you accumulate in-store reward points which essentially provides an additional 10% discount

  2. Shoe Clinic Ponsonby will provide 10% discount on electronics including the Polar V800 & V400, speed & cadence sensors also Garmins and apparel.


A number of the experts provide services at discounted rates so visit the pages for more details or for recommendations on Sports Massage, Physio & more.