Big Weekend of racing at K2/K1 & Auckland Marathon Events

From a coaching perspective I was really please with how today went for the whole team that took part in the Auckland Marathon Events. The results in the Half Marathon gave me great indication of where each of the athletes are at now and what needs to be worked on as we continue the preparation for the Half Ironman and Ironman events over the summer.

Marathon Results

One of my key focuses with the athletes that take on a marathon is pacing. Ryan who is preparing for the Kauri Classic 72km run showed great control to negative split his run in "comfortable fashion". Bryan also completed a 10min negative split to achieve a great run as he prepares for Ironman New Zealand in March.  Will and Heather achieved great splits in their run keeping a good consistent pace throughout the day. 

Will Sellar 01:43:56 01:49:55 03:33:51
Heather  Fitzgerald 02:20:54 02:26:00 04:47:39
Ryan  Sharp 01:36:33 01:32:23 03:08:56
Bryan  Perrow 01:44:33 01:34:02 03:18:35


Half Marathon Results

Some great results for the half marathon runners. All of the team are preparing for half ironman events

Paul Farnan & Matt Webby after the Auckland 1/2 Marathon

over the next few months.  Some noteable personal bests include Jason Davison knocking almost 8min of his previous best and Mike Roigard taking 3min of his previous best.  Was really happy with the way the team performed. 

Corey  Rix 01:38:09
Matt  Webby 02:00:01
Mike  Roigard 01:23:54
Paul  Farnam 02:03:04
Ian  Peach 01:44:38
Arien  Hieklma 01:45:47
Ewan  Small 02:01:17
Paul  Weatherly 01:59:00
Jason Davison



K2 & K1 Results

Congratulations to the Boost Coaching team that took on K2 & K1 events. Matt Merrick lead the charge around the hills of Coromandel in a time of 5:57:17, Corey Rix 6:28:18, Laurika Hazelhurst 7:26:30 and in the K1 event Arien Hielkema 3:27:22, Matt Webby 3:51:13. Nice work to the Matt, Arien and Corey that knocked out the Auckland 1/2 Marathon the next day! Great weekend!!