State Harbour Crossing - BOOSTED

Tough conditions at the State Harbour Crossing didn't deter the majority of the Boost Coaching team to take on this fantastic 2.9km Swimming Challenge! We hope the ones with no times made it to shore safely!

Forename Surname Time
Joshua  Scally 0:48:16
Nick  Wrigley 0:50:10
Tanya Sharp 0:52:41
James Park 0:53:08
Matt  Merrick 0:55:51
Arien Hielkema 0:55:55
Kevin Allen 0:55:58
Alex Gibson 0:56:33
John Burnett 1:00:46
Will Sellar 1:03:56
Bryan Perrow 1:04:24
Tracey  Douglas 1:13:28
Matt  Webby 1:33:10
Ewan Small ???
Corey  Rix ???
Paul Weatherly ???