Setting a sustainable training routine

Are you currently relatively active and thinking about taking on an event more seriously - this might help you to get started.By creating a simple table like the one below start by looking at your week Monday – Sunday. Firstly put in any regular sessions or training groups that you take part in and will continue to do. Then we need to create a realistic approach for the rest of the week by taking into consideration.

  1. Family commitments
  2. Work commitments
  3. Social activities
  4. Other club or sports activities
  5. General fatigue levels (physical and mental)

I usually add in commitments that can’t really be changed as well as other factors into the last column. This then gives me an understanding of what POTENTIAL time frames I have to work with for my training.

Let’s then consider how we feel at different stages during the week due to all these commitments and put in the times that we could generally achieve but also provide a small challenge to us.

Remember if this was really really easy then more people would be active regularly, so there is a level of sacrifice and physical challenge that a training routine requires.

Example of possible training times for a M-F working person




Other commitments/Factors



Start week ready to win...


Weekly swim event

Weekly swim event in the early evening


30-45min Recovery session - Lunch Time

Work late Wednesday – usually physically a bit tied from Beach Series




Usually tied today



PM after work social – generally won’t do anything after work


75min exercise

Kids Sport could do up to 75min before or after



Flexible around family commitments have up 90min

You have now created a general indication of times that you could do some training to support your preparation before and during the season for the State Beach Series.  You don’t have to use all the time, for example if you were currently doing  two or three training sessions per week, then rather than aiming for four, why don’t you aim to successfully achieve three sessions per week for 2-3 weeks then add in a BONUS session each week where you might complete it on a good week. This is much better psychologically than aiming for four sessions and only ever achieving three.

Set yourself up to win, don’t over commit, be realistic.

Need some motivation then you’ll love this video, it definitely made me wake up and get out of bed on Monday morning for my swim.

Good luck with your training.