Polar Beat the Coach

What is this?

Over the last number of years I've  (The Coach - Andrew Mackay) enjoyed inventing some challenging workouts some athletes might describe them as brutal or cruel!  

But now with a young family the challenge of training with any consistency is simply that - a challenge. So I am not really training for anything and just enjoy the challenge of keeping up with most of the team during our group training - I've given them an opportunity to 'Beat the Coach' with a weekly workout that will keep me honest.  

I'll post the workout data from my Polar V800, once the sweat gets out of my eyes and try to smile throughout, with the thought that I will be satisfying them as they "Beat the Coach'

Louise Shrimpton beat's the coach

Louise took first shot at me with this awesome workout. I think she was trying to rub a bit more salt in the wounds from a few years back when she dropped me at the end of a K2 ride - still fresh in my mind as I watched the smallest person on a bike and the mini 650 wheels ride into the distance :-). 

I  did this on a spin bike at the gym and while it threw some wattage numbers at me (but not recorded) - I am not sure that they are too accurate! 

Louise Shrimpton

The Session

Warm Up
6 min of 45 sec Single Leg Drills 
10 min alt 15 sec hard, 15 sec easy
(390-410 Watts)
2 min recovery
10 min in hardest gear alt 30 sec standing,
30 sec seated 
(330 Watts)
2 min recovery
5 mins tempo, straight into
(230 Watts)
10 min of 12 sec sprints on the min
(600-650 Watts)
5 min Warm down


The 15 on 15 off was probably the hardest part with the HR not given much recovery throughout the 10 min and I was getting a real work over! The last set of 12 sec Sprints are always fun as you give it death for such a short period of time but continue to watch the HR climb for the next 15+sec while you are doing bugger all. 

Workout Data


Looking forward to next week's challenge!!