Polar Beat the Coach


It was a bit of mental battle to get on the bike for this session, with a rubbish sleep the prior night with kids not sleeping well and multiple wake ups.  Then the earliest opportunity to knock through the session coming about at 8:00pm - motivation wasn't high. Was mindful of the 5min Vo2 at the end so aim wasn't to throw it all at the early sets to have nothing in the final stages.  


10 Warm Up 
2 Max, 3 Ezi

2x 8min TH 90-95
Max Sprints at 1,3,5,7
You can spin that out with a Russian Pyramid which is 12 mins
Note Spin should be HIGH RPM 95-120+
5 Sec Spin Fast - 55 Sec Easy
10 Sec Spin Fast - 50sec Easy
15se Spin Fast - 45 sec Easy
20sec Spin Fast - 40sec Easy
25sec Spin Fast - 35sec Easy
30sec Spin Fast - 30sec Easy
35sec Spin Fast - 25sec Easy
40sec Spin Fast - 20sec Easy
45sec Spin Fast - 15sec Easy
50sec Spin Fast - 10sec Easy
55sec Spin Fast - 5sec Easy
60sec Spin Fast
2x5 Min VO2 MAX / R5 between
C/D 5.


Luke kindly didn't say what the max sprint duration were during the 8min TH so did 15sec sprints and let HR gradually rise in the first 8min interval so the second 8min interval hit TH HR much earlier on.  

The Russian pyramid takes care of you by itself, especially when you focus on cadence and for the shorter intervals. I got cadence up to 130 on the shorter spins and the longer spins in the 105-115 range.  A good spinning challenge and gets harder from about 40sec on if you pushing the cadence throughout - prior to that it's pretty comfortable due to recovery time. 

The 2x5min Vo2max - very conscious of the HR lagging intensity so pushed hard in the first 3min but not over the top, so I could put it on the line at the end. I maxed out the HR at 175 in the second one and averaged 164 and was strong down the end with cadence driving up to over 110. The first averaged 158 so probably should have pushed harder in the first one but probably would have paid price on second one and been in a world of hurt. 

A good session that made the 70min on the WT disappear really fast. Legs certainly knew they had a good workout at the end of the session. Probably easier than Louise's session as the intervals were longer so I had to manage the intensity better - where as with Louise's session the intervals were shorter so I just went for it knowing the pain would be short term but I am not at a stage to do that from the onset with sets like this yet. 



Polar Beat the Coach

  1. Louise Shrimpton