Swim Stroke Analysis Winner

Glad you made it to the Boost Blog rather than the Boost Bog - oops typo - sorry about that, if you missed it, you must have read through as quickly as I did. :-)

Thank you for your entry to win a Swim Stroke Analysis. As I was feeling generous today I decided to draw out four more people and reward them with a swim lesson to support their training. 

The Winner

Congratulations to Karinne Gillies - you have won a swim stroke analysis valued at $125.00

The Bonus

Congratulations to these four people who have won a swim lesson valued at $57.00

  1. Murphy Niuapu
  2. Katie Ratcliffe

  3. Paul James

  4. Tanya Sharp

Special Offer

I will extend this offer to each of the entrants of this competition - which is $20 off two swim lessons - to make a booking or learn more visit 

Prize Winners Info

Please contact andrew@boostcoaching.co.nz to redeem your prizes and he will advise you on how to make a booking.  

Prizes must be redeemed by 30 September 2015 and is not transferable for cash or other services provided by Boost Coaching Ltd.