Polar Beat the Coach

Mike Roigard Beats the coach

I probably should have been smarter and choose to do another workout today especially with the planned weekend ride of 190km to the Coromandel. The weekend ride was requiring some slightly fresher legs especially if I was to keep Mike at bay over the last couple of hills into Coro. 

Did the workout anyway - no pain, no gain! 

THe Workout

10min Warm Up
6min 45sec 1 leg

3min Max
2min Easy
15min Max tt with 30sec sprints 2,4,6,8,10,12,14

2min 60RPM Big gear standing
1min easy
3min 60RPM Big gear standing
1min easy
4min 60RPM Big gear standing
1min easy

20min Max TT with 20sec sprints 2,4,5,6,10,12,14,16,18

2min easy
5min 12sec sprints on 60sec



A solid workout today - barely a chance to take a breathe! Going straight from the 15min TT into the 2min Big Gear Standing - well that didn't happen! Had to take a small rest and then get into that. Found a nice rhythm on the big gear workout although the RPM on the 2min set was more like 70RPM before getting down in the last 3 & 4 min efforts to 60RPM.  Power through the workout and sets was pretty consistent but not easy to hold! 

Not an easy session - probably one of the hardest sets so far! 

As for the Coro Ride

As it turns out Mike decided to flick his chain off on the final hill to Coro, so he lost his real chance to beat the coach. He was talking a big game and looking confident earlier in the ride as we climbed Snake Hill out of Kawakawa - talking KOM points etc etc. Oh well, there is always next year Mike :-) 




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