Lean and Clean - Fruity Quinoa Porridge

What do you need? 

Fruity Quinoa Porridge

Fruity Quinoa Porridge

250ml almond or rice milk
50g quinoa
100g berries (mix as you please) 
1 tablespoon of chopped nuts
Greek Yoghurt to serve (if you wish)

Make it - Serve it! This one is easy peasy. In a small pan, pour in your almond or rice milk and bring to the boil. Stir in the Quinoa and reduce the heat to low and let it simmer gently for approx. 10mins or until the liquid has been absorbed. 

Lana Grew - Coach @ Boost Coaching

Lana Grew - Coach @ Boost Coaching

  1. Remove from the heat and stir in the berries and nuts

  2. Spoon into 1-2 bowls (depending how hungry you are) and serve with the Greek Yoghurt (if you fancy) 

Add in different fruits, different nuts or toppings for flavorful changes and variety.

This recipe is a quick and easy winner from Lana Grew - Boost Coaching



Lana has a diverse competitive back-ground that includes rowing & cycling. She also has qualifications in Diploma in Applied Fitness and a Degree in Sports Rec majoring in Exercise Science. She successfully works with a number of clients supporting functional movement, relieving muscle pain as well as weight loss goal.

Lana is keen to work with clients that are novice in experience in cycling, running or triathlon but want to get involved in events and may have goals and ambitions that fuel their desire to get on the start line in the best shape they can.

Drop Lana an email or give her a call and talk about ways in which she could work with you. 

Lana Grew
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Join Lana at the Cycle Group Training for entry level individuals. 

Join Lana at the Cycle Group Training for entry level individuals.