Winter on the wind-trainer

If you finding yourself on the wind trainer this winter even if you riding on Zwift then why not include some intervals in your training to help develop different energy systems. 

Helpful information 

You must remember that heart rate lags intensity so don't go into the first interval trying to get HR to hit the level you are targeting as most people will not be able to sustain the intensity, so build your way into the time is the better option. You should find it easier through the 2nd and 3rd intervals to get HR up to your targets. 

Session 1

This session is challenging as it taps into Vo2 Heart Rate (HR) for small periods of time but with equal amounts of rest.

67min Session incl 5x3min Vo2 & 3x2min Vo2

Warm Up 5min
5x1min Spin Ups Get HR up and increase cadence upto 110-120
5x3min Max Effort/ Anaerobic/Vo2 effort
R.3min or more
5-10min Easy Spin
3x2min Max Effort/ Anaerobic/ Vo2 effort
R.2min or more
5min Warm down

Session 2

70min Session (TH & Tempo Ladder 10,8,7,6,4,2 incl 10sec Sprints)

Often in cycling events you can have a change of pace and you might already be working at Threshold (TH) but have to jump for a small interval to stay with an attack, if you manage to stay with the group then you have to settle your HR back down and sustain a more manageable intensity.

So in this session you are going to be working predominantly in two zones TH and Tempo but developing the ability to manage the recovery of the small 10sec Max Effort jumps that go within the TH efforts. 

  • Threshold (TH) Zone (sustainable HR for approx 30-60min)
  • Tempo Zone (sustainability for 60-180min)

10min Warm Up
6x45sec 1 Leg Drill on 60sec
2min steady riding
10min @ TH,R2min
8min @ TEMPO, R2min
7min @ TH, R2min
6min @ TEMPO, R2min
4min @ TH, R2min
2min @ TEMPO, R2min
All threshold & tempo intervals have a 10sec Sprint at every 60sec mark. so for the first 8min sprint 10sec @1,2,3,4,5,6,7min mark.
Warm down

Good luck with the sessions - we hope you have fun and enjoy these challenging wind trainer workouts.

If you get a moment and want to give us your feedback on how your session went or ask any questions then head to our facebook page..