Anyone can utilize the skills and knowledge of a 1:1 sessions choose from:

  • Boost My Swim 1:1
  • Boost My Bike 1:1
  • Boost My Run 1:1

Boost My Swim 1:1

Read all about the swimming coaching options and costs here. 

Boost My Bike 1:1

If you are new to cycling or wanting to hone your skills in one or several areas to your cycling then choose to Boost My Bike 1:1.

  1. Bunch Riding Technique and Etiquette
  2. Riding position
  3. Braking
  4. Changing Gears
  5. Pedaling Technique and Cadence
  6. Cornering
  7. Climbing Hills
  8. Descending
  9. Individual Time Trialing
  10. Drafting


  • $85 (45-60min) - North Shore Auckland
  • $130 (45-60min) - Central Auckland

Boost My Run 1:1

If you are new to running or wanting to hone your skills for your next triathlon or running event take a 1:1 run session to start looking at ways to improving your technique or have a coach deliver a training session for you based around a specific need. 


  • $85 (45-60min) - North Shore Auckland 
  • **Some Wednesdays sessions may be able to be arranged around Central Auckland but this depends on swim lesson bookings that day. Usually sessions are completed at Victoria Park. 

Group Run Sessions

These can be arranged too, just contact us.