Balance Plant Protein


Balance Plant Protein

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Balance Plant Protein is a natural and vegan friendly smooth blend of pea protein, organic brown rice protein concentrate, chia protein and sacha inchi powder. With the inclusion of essential BCAAs, glutamine and digestive enzymes, this superior tasting protein blend is scientifically developed to enhance your sports nutrition needs.

Balance Plant Protein features:

  • Plant derived protein blend

  • Full amino acid profile, Pea Purotein Isolate (Legume) and Brown Rice Protein Concentrate (Grain).

  • Contains added natural Glutamine and BCAAs for muscle recovery

  • Add digestive enzymes

  • Vegan friendly - 100% plant based protein source. Does not contain any ingredients derived from any animal

  • Formulated without Dairy or Soy

  • Gluten Free - suitable for people with Gluten Intolerance

  • Contains NO artificial flavours, artificial preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

  • Made in New Zealand

  • Smooth and great tasting blend

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