Lifestream Barley & Wheat Grass Powder


Lifestream Barley & Wheat Grass Powder

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Lifestream Barley & Wheat Grass is a blend of two of the finest certified organic, New Zealand sun-grown real foods. The combination contains natural plant nutrients including chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, fibre, and Superoxide dismutase(SOD). It supports detoxing and healthy bowels, and has an alkalizing action for the whole body, especially the digestive system and joints. Lifestream Barley & Wheat Grass plants are harvested at peak potency and flash air dried in minutes to ensure the nutrients are not damaged or compromised. The premium quality is highlighted by the rich Chlorophyll content which is an indicator for the organic growing practices and gentle processing.

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·      100% NZ product, certified organic by AsureQuality NZ

·      Source of natural antioxidants, minerals and vitamins

·      Supports acid/alkaline balance

·      Aids in detoxification

·      Supports healthy digestive system including fibre for bowel health

·      Supports joint health.      

Recommendations for Use

·  Provides essential nutrients and fibre to the diet.

·  Contains protective phytonutrients and antioxidants. 

·  Helps alkalise the digestive system and body.  


Barley & Wheat Grass Ingredients: CERTIFIED ORGANIC New Zealand Barley Grass
CERTIFIED ORGANIC New Zealand Wheat Grass100%
100%This product are vegan/vegan, and are free from dairy, soy, gluten and wheat. GMO free.