Lifestream Ultra Immunity Response


Lifestream Ultra Immunity Response

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Lifestream Ultra Immunity Response is a natural, powerful combination of six key, traditionally used immune boosting botanicals for support at the onset of ills, chills and for allergens. It provides fast-acting, triple action support for sinuses, throat and lungs when the immune system is under attack or experiencing high levels of pollutants.

The unique, fast release Plantcaps® help to provide a fast-acting immune response when acute immune support is needed. Plantcaps® are plant sourced, vegetarian and vegan friendly, starch-free, no added gluten and preservative free.

  • Fast release Plantcaps® for rapid response support

  • Triple action immune support:

  • Sinuses - loosens mucus

  • Throat - helps to soothe

  • Lungs - helps clear the airways

  • Use at the onset of ills, chills and for allergens

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