Nuun Hydration Tablets

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Nuun Hydration Tablets

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The top selling Nuun formula has been improved to increase performance and to deliver the cleanest, healthiest ingredients on the market. Nuun electrolyte tabs help turn water into a refreshing sports hydration drink without excess sugar or calories.

BOOST ATHLETE DISCOUNT: To receive the athlete discount you are required to order

  • 2x 1/2 boxes of two flavors of any NUUN product (Hydration, Boost or Vitamins) OR

  • 1x 1 box of one flavor

Additional costs will apply for individuals that purchase a 1/2 boxes (instead of 2x1/2 boxes)

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Nuun Electrolyte Hydration Tablets 
Packed with electrolytes, a light flavour, and clean ingredients, nuun active hydration is the perfect sports drink!

Optimal blend of 4 key electrolytes:

  • sodium: maintains fluids balance

  • potassium: prevents muscle cramps

  • magnesium: relaxes muscles

  • calcium: required for normal muscle functions

New + Improved Formulation:

  • fast absorption: the addition of non-gmo sourced dextrose helps the body to absorb fluids more efficiently while still containing 1g sugar or less

  • clean ingredients: we used plant based sweeteners (stevia) and ingredients to increase health benefits

  • gluten-free, vegan, dairy + soy free

  • environmentally friendly + portable

  • low calorie

  • informed choice certified and safe for sport

Each Tablet Contains:

  • 10 calories

  • Sodium: 360 mg

  • Potassium: 100 mg

  • Magnesium: 25 mg

  • Calcium: 13 mg

  • Vitamin C: 38 mg

  • 10 calories

  • 1 g of sugar

Other ingredients include:

  • Plant based sweetener (stevia leaf extract) to provide a crisp and light sweetness

  • Non-gmo sourced dextrose to increase the speed of absorption and hydrate you faster

  • Avocado oil for clean, plant-based production

Flavours: Citrus Fruit, Lemon Lime, Orange, Strawberry Lemonade, Tri Berry, Tropical