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Even when you're not exercising, Nuun Vitamins provides what your body needs - the 11 vitamins and minerals most of us don’t get enough of, plus the optimal balance of electrolytes for everyday activity. Each hydration vitamin supplement has only 10 calories and delivers Vitamin A, Folic Acid and B6, C, E, and D for health and wellness, and Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Chloride for optimal hydration.

BOOST ATHLETE DISCOUNT: To receive the athlete discount you are required to order

  • 2x 1/2 boxes of two flavors of any NUUN product (Hydration, Boost or Vitamins)

  • 1x 1 box of one flavor

Additional costs will apply for individuals that purchase a 1/2 boxes (instead of 2x1/2 boxes)

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Each Tablet Contains:

  • Vitamin A: antioxidant support

  • Vitamin C: antioxidant, aids in healthy immune system

  • Vitamin E: antioxidant, helps mitigate the production of free radicals

  • Riboflavin: B vitamin used as coloring agent

  • Folic Acid: B vitamin, used for energy metabolism

  • Sodium: electrolyte, lost through sweat

  • Potassium: electrolyte, maintains total body fluid volume

  • Magnesium: electrolytes, plays role in muscle function

  • Calcium: electrolytes, plays role in muscle/bone health

  • Sugar: used to facilitate vitamin & mineral absorption

  • Some flavors contain 40mg of caffeine from green tea extract

Other ingredients include:

  • Plant based sweetener (stevia leaf extract) to provide a crisp and light sweetness with zero calories

  • Non-gmo sourced sucrose to increase the speed of absorption and hydrate you faster

  • Avocado oil for clean, plant-based production

  • Natural Flavors: fruit oils/powder naturally extracted from source

  • Citric Acid: plays a critical role in effervescence

  • Rice Concentrate: prevents any clumping in the production of tablets

  • Beet Juice Powder: used for color

Flavors: Strawberry Melon, Tangerine Lime, Grapefruit Orange, Blueberry Pomegranate, Blackberry Citrus, Ginger Lemonade.