Speedo Kick Board


Speedo Kick Board


To improve strength, fitness and water confidence, you sometimes need that extra edge. That's where Speedos Swim Fitness training aids come in. Speedo Eva Kickboard, an essential training accessory for the novice or pro. Made from the revolutionary EVA Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam. The flexibility qualities of rubber and strength and bouyancy of foam. Reduces shoulder stress and increases leg strength. Designed for durability and comfort during swimming. Ideal float for teaching. Crescent shaped bottom for greater mobility.

  • Isolates the legs to develop leg strength and kick technique.

  • Kick in burst at maximum effort for power and speed.

  • Kick at a steady rate for muscular endurance.

  • Press down on the kickboard slightly to engage upper body.

  • Keep your kick underwater for max propulsion.

  • Align your body by keeping your head down.

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