Cancellations & Reschedule Policy

The information provided here is to ensure that you book and take responsibility for your appointment times. You will be sent out a reminder when you book the lesson and then again prior to it. When you make the bookings you have the option to place the bookings into your personal calendars - please do this. We would request as much notice as possible to any changes that are needed, this will make it best for you and us as well.

On the day cancellations & postponements 

There will be no refunds or transfers for cancellations or postponements on the day of your booked lesson or session - full payment will be required. 

One day prior through until 7:00pm

Cancellations or postponements made the day prior to your lesson will incur a part payment (see below). Cancellations made after 7:00pm will be considered as an "on the day cancellation & postponement". If you want to transfer to another available time, on the same day of your scheduled booking, there is no charge for doing this.

Swim/run or bike individual or small group costs

1:1 -  $25.00 payment 
1:2 -  $35.00 payment 
1:4 -  $60.00 payment 

If you do not complete payment for this within seven days of being invoiced you will lose your swim lesson.

Swim Stroke Analysis

$55 payment

Squad Sessions - Swim/Run/ Triathlon

You may transfer this to another squad session, but there are no refunds for not turning up on the day. 

Two days (or more) prior to your appointment

Cancellations and postponements made two days or more in advance to your scheduled appointment will incur no additional costs and we appreciate the advanced notice you provide us. 

No refunds are provided for individual swim lessons or blocks of lessons as all information is transparent on the swimming page.

  1. Available days - Wednesday

  2. Dates -3 month visibility

  3. Times - advanced planning may be required

We will continue to provide you the opportunity to complete the lesson for up to a 1 year period from your original booking date. If you want to discuss your special circumstances see the relevant information below and contact us.

Special Circumstances

In situations around medical, health, accidents or moving city that completely change your ability to complete swim lessons with Boost Coaching in Auckland, then a refund may be provided less fixed costs and administration costs ($37), and provided discounts for block lessons.

Questions of Contact

If you have any questions with regards to your booking please feel free to contact us.