Case studies

Here are some of the athletes that I have worked with and their goals and achievements as we worked together on their journey. 

Additional Testimonials

Ricky Simonsen

"I have just joined Andrews’s team and I am enjoying his approach to coaching and have had some good results". 
Ricky Simonsen 2012 - I continue to work with Ricky 

Arjan Shcenk

"I used Andrew's coaching service to prepare for a running race in 2012 (Kepler, 60k). I was impressed with his approach and very happy with the outcome. Andrew provides a tailored training program, with dynamic updates to reflect how your body is responding to the training load, and any injury concerns that you may have.

That approach gave me confidence that I was getting the best result out of my training efforts, not over-training, and that I would be well prepared for the race. Compared to my previous attempt at the same race (doing my own training program), I did fewer - but higher quality - training hours, and comfortably beat my previous time.

Andrew is professional yet fun to work with, always available for queries, and provides valuable tips on technique, race-day preparation, nutrition, etc.

Overall well worth the investment!"
Arjan Schenk 2012 - I have worked with Arjan on and off since 2012 through many of his event campaigns

Lee Rasmussen

"Andy is a fantastic person and coach and I've benefited greatly from working with him. My training program is well structured and the feedback and guidance I've received from Andy has helped develop my fitness/speed and endurance in all three disciplines (swim, bike, and run). I feel prepared for Ironman Cairns. Thanks Andy!"
Lee Rasmussen 2012

Adrien Hunter

"Really enjoyed the program and picked up a lot from it."  
Adrien Hunter 2015 (Give me a Boost - Run Program)