Training Consultation


A Boost Coaching Training Consultation is a popular and effective way to assist you with your training. If you are looking for some guidance or you want to leverage ideas or to discuss a specific area to help you to achieve a result then a training consultation is a great option.

After the Training Consultation is is up to the individual to implement and consider all the periodisation and training loads around the recommendations (ie. you do not get a training program and would need to consider the Ultimate Boost if you want the personalized approach to building the plan for you).

How do you organise a Training Consultation?

E-mail us or complete the form below with the questions or areas that you are wanting to discuss, but if your discussion is a little more broad then highlight what you are wanting to achieve from the consultation. 

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Training Consultations are $149 which includes your consultants preparation time to your questions and a 30 min conversation.