Cycle Coaching

Boost Coaching will help you prepare for your next cycling event by providing accountability to a proven structure of effective training methods that are integrated into the time demands of daily life.

This is a structured program leading toward an event or events that you are training for. The programs will give you detailed training instructions that will keep you motivated and challenged.  

Whether you race to beat your personal best or to win your age group, Boost provides the Ultimate Boost which is customized to your capabilities and goals.

Sam Mayhew Photography

Sam Mayhew Photography

We continue to work with all levels from first timers to those working toward bigger distances and faster timers. We have successfully delivered programs for a range of events including Around Taupo, K1, K2, Tour de Ranges, Tour of Northland and we have worked with people in locations throughout New Zealand.


Sam Mayhew Photography

Sam Mayhew Photography

This program is the most popular for individuals wanting a structured approach toward their goal event. It’s the preferred option for individuals training for endurance based cycling events or for individuals that are starting cycling for the first time and want support along the way to help them achieve their goal.  In this program we work together to create the journey - which may include multiple events.

Coached athletes can also request 1:1 sessions to develop skills or technique to support their drive for improvement. There is a lot of flexibility within this program and the program evolves with you.

New Zealand Road Cycling Events Calendar

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