Logging your workouts 

My expectations are for you as a coached athlete to log your workouts using your device (whether this is a Garmin/ Polar/ Sunnto/ Timex etc) and then upload this to Training Peaks. If you can please upload your data as regularly as possible (Wed & Sun uploads are minimum). 

Swim Workouts

You don't have to use your watch in the pool to record the sets but if you don't know how to use the clock to workout time achieved in specific sets then you might find it helpful.  In the Post Workout Comments of Training Peaks simply jot down key results for the session. 

eg. 10x100m - held 1:40-1:48 - started off a bit fast and faded at the end to do 1:48s

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Bike Workouts

You need to hit the LAP button to record key intervals in the training session. Please turn off AUTO lap on the bike! 

eg. Let's use this session to the right as an example- By pressing the lap button to ID the start of the interval and LAP to ID the end of the interval when I review key sessions I am able to simply 'tick' the check box to bring up the key data for the interval - areas such as heart rate, power, cadence etc. If you get a premium training peaks account then you will be able to view this information too. 

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Run Workouts

You need to hit the LAP button to record key intervals in the training session. Please turn off AUTO lap during a session that has intervals - instead set up a workout.  

Setting up a WORKOUT on GARMIN

  1. Press MODE
  2. Select TRAINING
  3. Select WORKOUTS
  4. Select INTERVAL or CUSTOM (but interval is easier)
    • Often the sessions I may write are fairly consistent in duration or distance so either choose the distance or duration function.
    • Put in the TIME or DISTANCE
    • Choose REST TIME or DISTANCE (usually I use time)
    • Put in the REST TIME or REST DISTANCE 
  5. Select MORE
  6. Select the # REPS eg. 4 x 1km put in 4
  7. Check the boxes for WARM UP and COOL DOWN
    • this means when you start you are not going straight into the intervals - the intervals wont start until you hit the LAP button.  

For non-interval sessions I actually do like the Auto Lap button being on with 1km auto laps. This helps me to quickly see the pace per km through the whole session.