Removing Deadspots

Swimming with a band helps you develop good rhythm and timing in your stroke. It's not an easy exercise but gives you excellent feedback on your stroke technique, particularly for open water swimming.



Swimmers that struggle with this need to usually do one or two things

  1. Maintain forward momentum by reducing the shoulder rotation - stabilizing the upper body and pulling themselves forward rather than pushing down on the water at the front of the stroke. 
  2. Linking the core posture through the whole body. Swimmers that have a very arched lower back don't tend to hold their core quite as strong. As a result of this the kick is often high (and from the knee) while the thighs are angled down and there is little body rotation. Getting that body length is really important.  

Additional Tips

  • If the head position is too high or looking forward this will influence body position being lower.
  • If the toes are pointing down not behind then this will create additional drag and pull the lower body down.