Destry Tumataiki

Job: New Zealand Defence Force
Time with Boost Coaching:  13 months

Sporting background prior to starting:

Team Sports background in Rugby League, Rugby & Touch with absolutely no knowledge/understanding or experience in triathlons.

Initial goal/s & events when I started with Boost

  1. To learn to swim properly
  2. To learn to cycle efficiently
  3. To lose weight
  4. To complete a full Ironman event

Did you achieve these goals &/or what were the outcomes?

I achieved every single goal I set due to Andrew Mackay’s guidance & coaching principles!!

How did Boost Coaching help you to achieve these goals?

  1. By setting a training program that I was held accountable for.
  2. By always providing professional coaching advice in my journey to Ironman.
  3. By having a clientele of highly-motivated triathletes that were always willing to offer assistance & give fantastic tips to help me improve my skills.

What are your goals & events as you move forward?

  1. Swim faster & with better technique
  2. Complete K2
  3. Complete another Ironman overseas

Three of my greatest achievements so far while working with Boost are

Destry Tumataiki
  1. Completing the 2015 Taupo Ironman well under my estimated time
  2. Taking 1hr 40mins off my Half-Ironman time (since being with Boost)
  3. Becoming comfortable wearing Lycra lol

Other comments regarding working with Boost Coaching

I found long-distance triathlons to be an individual & selfish sport.

Andrew Mackay and the Boost Athletes showed me that long-distance triathlons can be a team-sport with each individual having their own set of goals on event day.

The Ironman discipline is friggin hard but it’s the people you meet along the way that make it fun !!