Entry & Catch Position 

1 Arm Drill With a focus on entry and catch


Start with one arm flat on the board while the other arm completes the arm stroke. Alternatively you can have one arm holding a pipe.

Option 1

Single Arm Drill using a kick board focus on the entry, cock of the wrist, pull then push

Option 2

Single Arm Drill using a pipe focus on the entry onto the pipe - then place hand to the side, a small cock of the wrist to initiate the catch and pull then push to the hip (not over the back)

  • Try and get your elbow in just before the front edge of the board (as long as your board isn't too close to you) or land your hand on the pipe if you are using the pipe.
  • As you take each stroke (1 arm) drive the entry just under the front of the board at angle of about 30-40 degrees
  • Aim your hand about 30 cm under the water and going directly there.
  • Use your body rotation throughout the movement to get a feel for the drive component of utilizing good body rotation
  • Feel like your left bicep stays next to your head as you start the catch

Tips & Common Mistakes

  1. Remember the arm movement under the water is more of straight line from front to back
  2. Don't let your your arm sweep (outside of your body then in)
  3. Make sure your arm isn't too deep - creating too much drag
  4. Ensure that you are pulling yourself forward not pushing down at the front of the stroke
  5. Remember body rotation (BR) helps you to generate power by opening you up - but your arm movement needs to be separate to the BR (not influenced by the BR
  6. Reaching further than you need to - this tends to disengage your shoulder so you are not in a strong catch position- remember the distance per stroke is better achieved by focusing on a strong push out the back than reaching forward at the front.
  7. Often the hand/arm initial direction is correct but then the hand comes back up to the surface after the entry with a movement like this
The result of this movment is that your shoulder is dropped and elbow is low

The result of this movment is that your shoulder is dropped and elbow is low

Cocking the wrist

A small cock of the wrist after the entry can help to connect the entry to the catch phase - you can watch this in action in the video below.