Finger Tap Drill

This drill provides a great way for a swimmer to learn about the high elbow position as you set up for the entry and catch part of the stroke. 

Key points for swimmers

The shoulder should be up (armpit out of the water) as this sets you up for a perfect position to achieve a strong catch. As the arm starts the recovery the elbow needs to stay high and most importantly once the arm passes the shoulder the elbow remains high setting up for a strong catch. 

Finger Tap Drill  

This drill is done one arm at a time. The swimmer holds a kickboard in one hand and does the drill with the other before swapping arms (holding the kick board side on, not long ways as you would normally).Hold the board in front of you so it is above your shoulders a comfortable half arm length in front of you. Start by taking a normal stroke then 

  1. TAP the board with your finger tips then lift the elbow back up 
  2. TAP your underarm with your finger tips 
  3. Then your arm goes straight to the side of the board ready for the catch 
  4. Drive the catch and pull 


Remember the body rotation as you do this drill as a lack of body rotation will limit your ability to open up the shoulders to touch under the arm and also drive the catch and pull part of this drill which is the secondary benefit of this drill. 

Common Faults

  1. A swimmer will put their fingers onto the board with the elbow low (flat) therefore the swimmer generally have to pull their arm back to touch under the arm rather than lifting the elbow up.
  2. A lack of body rotation through the recovery to the kick board or catch position