Greg Knight

Job: Business Adviser
Time with Boost Coaching:  18 months
Sporting background prior to starting: mostly cycling and running (road and trail running on Table Mountain in Cape Town, SA), with a little swimming and triathlon and had completed one IronMan, all with very limited coaching.

Initial goal/s & events when I started with Boost:

  1. To complete another IronMan, with the goal of going under 12 hours.
  2. To improve my standard distance triathlon

Did you achieve these goals &/or what were the outcomes?

I have hugely improved my standard distance triathlon time, and see potential for further speed/time improvements.

I still have not met my IronMan goal, but this is not because of any lack in Boost Coaching as I have come to learn that success in triathlon, especially IronMan, is dependent on so much more than swim, bike, run. Boost coaching continues to be great, and I now understand how much I have suffered from not using a professional coach previously. (Coaches of the care and high standard of Andrew of Boost Coaching are rare, and especially not available in South Africa).

Andrew at Boost Coaching continues to patiently support me as I work through fixing all my previously learned errors and the weaknesses that I have gathered from not using a good coach previously.

How did Boost Coaching help you to achieve these goals?

Boost Coaching and the Boost team provides me with a positive and supportive environment for me to consistently improve my performance.

My swimming has improved enormously and my running off the bike has also improved, both helping to make improvements to my triathlon results.

Boost has a great network of professional people who are all helping me to fix the weaknesses that I have accumulated through not having a coach previously. Triathlon may be an individual sport, but “success in life is a team sport.”

What are your goals & events as you move forward?

  1. I look forward to further improvements in my standard and half IronMan distance triathlons.
  2. I still want to reach my IronMan goal.
  3. To me, improvement in my triathlon times is a measure of my overall health. As I find and fix weaknesses in my my health, nutrition and improve my techniques in swim, bike, run, I see related improvements in my race results.

Three of my greatest achievements so far while working with Boost are

  1. I am consistently getting better swim results
  2. My run off the bike also continues to improve
  3. I have improved finish times in Standard and Half Iron distance triathlon and best of all is that I know that being coached by Andrew at Boost, I can look forward to further improvements.

Other comments regarding working with Boost Coaching

“You don’t know what you don’t know”, why wouldn't you want a great coach to help you achieve your goals?