Getting Your Head in the Game


This document is one of the key areas that will decide the outcome of your day! When you understand this and are able to acknowledge and accept emotions when anything comes your way, you will be in optimal control throughout the event.

At any stage when you let emotions and factors influence your day, you will be out of control, out of focus and unable to regain the mind-set to win!

You have to remember, you have made large sacrifices and put in hours of training - you’ve told your friends and your family about the journey you are about to embark on, so set up a winning attitude and gain perspective as you complete this key document!

Inside your control

Whether you are doing a triathlon or an individual discipline event there are factors that you are constantly in control of throughout the day.

I want you to narrow this down to the key things that you are focused and want to stay in control of during the event you are taking part in.

Outside your control

In the outside your control section I want you to jot down all the things that can influence the outcomes of the each discipline of the event you are doing. These can be environmental factors, mechanical & equipment, as well as physical elements.


  • You can either fill in the individual online forms and our team will forward these back to you on completion OR

  • download either the individual or triathlete influences (3 in 1) and work through the document.

Think about everything around each of these disciplines that you are in control or areas that are outside of your control.

As an example: You are not in control of getting a puncture but you are in control of checking your tires are in good condition pre-race or making sure you are equipped to change a tire AND of course know how to do it!


Swim Influences


Bike Influences


Run Influences

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