Matt Merrick

Job: Physiotherapist
Time with Boost Coaching: 4 years

Sporting background prior to starting:

Before taking on triathlon my sporting background was primarily in rugby and yachting, racing at a national level. Following that I “participated” in the odd half marathon and road/mountain bike race.

Initial goal/s & events when I started with Boost:

I only had one goal when joining boost and that was to complete and Ironman. In doing so however, I would need to learn (re-learn) how to swim, string a “brick” session together and perhaps complete a shorter distance triathlon.

Did you achieve these goals &/or what were the outcomes?

Unfortunately my first Ironman attempt in 2012 was weather shortened but with Andrews guidance through a relatively short turn around I finished Cairns Ironman a few months later in a time of 10:13.

How did Boost Coaching help you to achieve these goals?

Being a complete newbie to triathlon, I really had no clue. Andrew has been able impart years of racing and coaching experience upon me. Through goal setting, open and honest conversations about strengths and weaknesses Andrew designed a personalised training programme that ensures consistency, an element of accountability and variability to keep it fresh and fun. Andrew has created a team environment where we can support, learn from and challenge each other. Having buddies out there both in training and racing is key!!!

What are your goals & events as you move forward?

Matt Merrick
  1. Compete at the Ironman World Championships 2015
  2. Qualify for 70.3 world champs in 2016
  3. Continue to progress in all three disciplines

Three of my greatest achievements so far while working with Boost are

  1. 3rd in age group 2015 IMNZ – 9:24
  2. Backing up 2 weeks post IMNZ with a PB 9:14 at IM Melbourne
  3. Ironman World Champs qualifier 2015

Other comments regarding working with Boost Coaching

Triathlon can be a pretty tough and lonely sport at times. I have no doubt that without Andrews support and guidance I wouldn't be able to enjoy it as much as I do now.