Performance Stage I

Whether this is your first event or you are seasoned pro we can all reflect on moments within our social or competitive sporting history where we’ve had an amazing performances.

Did you hit three 3 pointers in a row, did you have that little kick at the end of a race that gave you that personal best, did you have the race of your dreams that qualified you for the World Champs.

Karen Rasmussen qualifies for Ironman World Champs 2018"

Karen Rasmussen qualifies for Ironman World Champs 2018"

Think about some of the training sessions that you’ve done that you really felt like you were in ABSOLUTE FLOW in your performance.

Performance Stage II

Personal Statement

A personal statement can bring you back into focus and keep you in a performing state at any time you are training or racing. As you start to get this it’s worth considering your key driver to doing this.

Your personal statement that has got to connect with the values you have, the sacrifices you have made and will act as the purpose for your driving and pushing yourself that next step forward.

I’ve seen individuals walk off the course because of an “outside the box” incident and feel utterly disappointed in themselves. The incident was recoverable if they had a strong personal statement. By using a trigger or action the individual could have grounded themselves, re-focused, stayed in control and turned walking off the course into the next step forward in their race. This would have placed the medal around their neck at the finish line but instead was left with a sob-story.


Open the form or download the performance document below and complete the two sections around performance and then build your personal statement. The Personal Statement might be a work in progress statement but please write something down in the first instance and then you can adjust or adapt this further.