Information for swim lessons after 6:00pm AT ONE FIVE ONE

At 6:00pm the main entry on the corner of Queen St and Wyndham St is automatically locked and entry to the building and up the lifts require a swipe card to get to Level 8, the location of the gym and pool. 

Please complete the following

  1. Walk up to the Wilson Car Park on Wyndham Street and follow the foot path entry into the building. This is Level 4 of the SAP Tower.

  2. Walk to the lifts on Level 4 and ring reception at 151 Corporate Health Club
    09- 366 3664

  3. Please tell them you are on Level 4 of the car park lifts and are would like assistance to get entry to the gym for your swim lesson.

  4. A gym staff member should then come down to get you.

  5. If reception doesn't answer please contact me directly by TEXT on +6421415787. I am often taking lessons during this time but will do my best to get to you ASAP at the completion of the lesson that I am taking.

Weekend session

Please note on weekend sessions you will need to TEXT Andrew +64 21 415 787 to gain entry to Level 8 and I will be able to do this no earlier than 10min prior to your scheduled appointment. Please enter through the car park on Wyndham St and wait at one of the levels (include what level in your text). 

Remember to validate parking at the gym to get the discounted 151 Corporate Health Club rates at Wilson Parking on Wyndham St.  

The sneaky dive in the doors as someone exits trick

If you manage to get into the atrium of the SAP tower (by Cafe Melba), you will still need to contact reception to get access to Level 8. Please tell them that you are at ground level of the main tower entrance and ask for them to assist you to get up to the gym. Often people coming out of the lifts will be able to swipe you up to Level 8 - if you want to ask them.