Run Drills

Including some run drills within a training session can be a good idea and Iā€™d recommend these drills to be complete 2-3 times each over 15-25m with a light jog of another 50-75m after each one. You could include these two times per week during your runs.

I'd usually complete a session like this with 4-6 x 100m stride outs (5km pace) applying the technique before warming down.

Overview and Drills

Overview of running technique and tips with some guidance on High Knees Drills and Butt Kicks (slight variation of what I do within sessions but still very useful)

High Knees Drill

See Above

Butt Kick Drill

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Head Position, Posture and Foot Position

Dave Scott - Triathlon Improving Running

RunNing posture & Stride Length

  1. Run like a waiter - Upper Body Relaxation 
  2. Pelvic Tilt
  3. Baby Steps or Fast Feet

Watch the video here

Proper form for uphill and downhill

  1. Running Hills
  2. Stride Length
  3. Hands Tighter
  4. Chin Slightly down
  5. Try not to overstride on downhills
     Land Lightly, Pelvis position, Chin down, Stand tall through ches
Running: Tips for improving technique and developing a more efficient stride running both uphill and down from six-time Ironman champion Dave Scott.

Walking Lunge Technique

Skipping for Height

Bobby McGee's Three Essential Run Drills