Run Training Programs

Give me a Boost

These packages are perfect for individuals preparing for events such as the AucklandRotorua Marathon or other international half or marathons.  They can also be utilised to prepare for off road half marathon events - such as those provided by Total Sport.  For a list of many NZ run events visit Cool Running.

You can either purchase these programs using Paypal or visit Start Training and contact Boost Coaching directly with regards to your requested program. You will then be requested to set up a Training Peaks account from which we deliver the program.  

If they training plan relating to your run event isn't here please complete the form by following this link and we will provide you with a quote for the plan and add-ons requested. 

Marathon & Half Marathon PRograms

Half & Marathon Training Program
Run Frequency

These programs and packages have been successfully used with many individuals training for these distances.  You can either choose to have 3 & 4 runs per week or 4 & 5 runs per week.  The program duration is 16 weeks for each of the packages.

Half & Marathon Training Program Gold $349 Silver $264 Bronze $120
Boost My Run Training Program Yes Yes Yes
Initial Training Consultation Yes Yes Yes
Additional Consultations 2 @ 25min 2 @ 25min No
1:1 Run Session (Auckland, NZ only) Yes No No
Training Zones Set Yes Yes No
Race Day Nutrition Yes Yes No
Race Day Pacing Plan Yes Yes No
Additional Support 3 emails 2 emails 1 email
Discounted Nutrition Yes Yes No


This run beginners run program will gradually build up your running ability over 12 weeks with proven strategies that have taken individuals to the start of events that they never thought were possible. Use this to either start gaining run fitness or as you lead toward a shorter event. START TRAINING

10km Run Program

The 10km run program is for intermediate level runners who have completed some running before and are now wanting to improve their running ability over this distance. This is a 12 week program will vary between 3 & 4 runs per week. 

10km Run Program

5-1okm Advanced run program

Do you have the need for improving your running speed, this block of training is challenging and will to help develop your top end speed. This is perfect for triathletes or runners wanting to work through a block of training in this manner or to prepare for a specific event. Plans can be from 12 - 20 weeks. 


Police Training Program 

This 12 week Run Program will help prepare recruits toward the run times over the 2.4km distance.

Police Training Program

Option 1  An introduction to running from little or no run back-ground 
Option 2  A structured run program to improve your running

Some individuals may be best to complete both options to best prepare for their time trial. START TRAINING


Terms and Conditions for Consultations, Coaching & Personal Training 

  1. Payment must be made in full prior to consultation.
  2. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will be not be refunded.
  3. Amendments to Consultation dates/times can be made via email ( or by telephone (021 415 787) but must be received within 48 hours.
  4. Boost Coaching Ltd cannot be held responsible for any injury or incident that may occur during the Consultation or Personal Training session.
  5. After the initial consultation, personal training must be booked and confirmed four weeks in advance at the start of each calendar month.