Sculling drills are a simple way to learn how to move water effectively therefore moving the body forward.

Other benefits to sculling drills are 

  1. Strengthening hand and forearm 
  2. Maintaining strong core position 

Key Freestyle Sculling Drills

Practice sculling drills

  • Head first sculling
  • Feet first sculling

Watch this practical video to learn the skills and movements of effective sculling techniques. 


Get the basics of sculling correct and then apply what you learn from this as you develop the front end of your stroke with your catch and pull. This sculling type technique is what catches the body of water that your hand and forearm take from the front to the back end of the stroke.  Turn the wrist and forearm at any part of the stroke and the arm will slip through the water and you will lose the body of water you had in the catch and therefore the momentum that you could generate from a strong push phase holding that water.