Auckland Swim Coaching

Adult swim lessons - Auckland 


These sessions are perfect for adult's learning to swim as well as all triathletes or swimmers looking for stroke efficiency to get more out of their swimming.

In your swim lesson you will get

  1. Feedback on your current swimming
  2. Technique guidance
  3. Drills to assist technique changes
  4. Comprehensive email post swim lesson


One Five One Health Club
Level 8, 151 Queen St
Auckland CBD

Parking and further information below. 

Swim Lesson Duration Single Lesson Block of 5 Block of 10 Book Online
1 Person Lesson 30min $57.00 $256.50 Save $28.50 $484.50 Save $85.50 Yes
2 Person Lesson 30min $85.00 $382.50 Save $42.50 $772.50 Save $77.50 Yes
4 Person Lesson 30min $100.00 $450.00 Save $50.00 $850.00 Save $150.00 Yes
Swim Stroke Analysis 1:1 75min $149.00 NA NA Yes

Please note prices are total lesson costs not per person.


Wednesday 7:20am - 8:00pm 

Generally it is unlikely that I can make times outside of this but you can contact me to see if there is other times. Additional costs will apply.


Block of 5
You have 12 weeks from your first lesson to complete the block
(beginners generally weekly/fortnightly while more advanced swimmers may choose up to three weekly lessons) 
Block of 10
You have 18 weeks from your first lesson to complete the block
(generally weekly or fortnightly lessons)

Important Information

If you do not complete your lessons within the time frame indicated above, your lessons are still available to use under these conditions

  1. The provided discount for the block of lessons needs to be paid
  2. A $37 administration fee to reinstall the lessons
  3. The lesson blocks completely expire after 6 months 

Please note that lessons are not transferable to other swimmers or refundable.


All booked sessions are also subject to the cancellation & postponement policy - click here to learn more.


  1. Pool location
  2. Parking 
  3. Entry to the pool after 6pm.

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The best result come with a combination of drills then slowly applying them into the stroke.
— Andrew Mackay - Boost Coaching Head Coach