Swim Coaching Auckland

Swim Stroke Analysis

This sessions will help you gain the greatest insight to your swimming and set up your first stage to improving it.

The Session Layout

  1. 1:1 Swim Lesson (20 min + 10 min Video + 20-40 min review)
  2. Above the water video swim stroke analysis
  3. Underwater video swim stroke analysis
  4. Comparisons to the 'perfect stroke' during review 

You may want to take your own notes down during the discussion.

Post Swim Stroke Analysis

  1. Swim notes on the swim lesson part of the session
  2. Videos provided on dropbox for you to download or bring a USB drive

Cost: $149


The session will take 70 min - follow the instructions on the book now page to make the swim stroke analysis booking.

These booked sessions are also subject to the cancellation & postponement policy.


  1. Pool location
  2. Parking 
  3. Entry to the pool after 6pm.

If you live outside of Auckland then a swimming analysis can still be achieved with the help of someone to assist you in videoing your stroke - contact us directly to discuss this option.


I feel like I've been to the swim doctor and now that I have the diagnosis
Louise Shrimpton - Auckland New Zealand
The feedback was very clear and constructive
Graham Brewster - Auckland New Zealand