Swim Training Programs

Provide some structure and direction to your swim training programs as you prepare for your next event. Each program will come with online instructions to help you through the session or provide you with resource links. After the completion of your payment you will land on this page to create a (or link a current) Training Peaks account connected to Boost Coaching - your program will be delivered using Training Peaks. 

OR  click on the 'Start Training' button and advise us the program you would like to purchase. 

Swim Training Programs Program Duration Sessions p/w Incl Open Water Cost
Half/Ironman Training 12 4 Yes (1) $59.00
Half/Ironman Training 12 3 No $49.00
Standard Distance Tri 8 3 Yes (1) $39.00
3:9:3 Triathlon 7 3 No $39.00
Ocean Swim (2-4km) 12 4 Yes (1) $59.00
Ocean Swim (1.0-1.5km) 8 3 Yes (1) $39.00
Ocean Swim (300m) 7 3 No $39.00
Swim Programs

Please read the Boost Coaching Waiver at the bottom of this page

Weekly Training Programs

If you'd like three training sessions delivered to you each week to keep you on track with your training then this is for you. Training Programs will generally be between 2.0 - 3.5km and will include sprint, endurance, threshold and technique sessions.

Cost $7.00 per week and billed monthly at $30.35 per month. Unsubscribe at any time.

HALF/IRonman & Ocean Swim 2-4km Training Program 

  Sam Mayhew Photography

Sam Mayhew Photography

The program caters for two different levels and will provide you with either three pool sessions or three pool sessions and one open water session per week.

The programs are mainly freestyle but does include some other strokes in some sessions. The sessions also include kick, pull and paddle sets. If you are not able to do the other strokes simply swap to a stroke that you are comfortable doing.

The distance for each of the sessions are between 2.3-3.5km but this can easily be increase or decreased depending on your ability and time to complete the sessions.

Open Water Sessions we do recommend that you do this with other swimmers (for your own safety) or consider taking part in a local event to get some open water swimming experience. 1:1 Open Water Swim Sessions are available from Boost Coaching in Auckland - click here for details.

1000-1500m Swim or Triathlon - 8 Week Training Program

If you are training for a 1000 -1500m Ocean Swim this program is going to be perfect for you.  The program will provide you with two pool sessions and one open water session per week.  

300m Ocean Swim or 3:9:3 Triathlon- Training Program

If you are training for a 300m event this program is going to be perfect for you.  The program caters for people taking part in an event 300m long and will provide you with 20 swimming pool based training sessions. 

The program will provide you with 3 training sessions a week for seven weeks. At this level there is a range of abilities so the seven week time frame may require you to undertake more or even less training than this so complete the amount of training that best suits your needs.

This will not include open water swim sessions - at this level we recommend that you complete open water session at Ocean Swim Clinics or as part of an organised events with safety available. 1:1 Open Water Swim Sessions are available from Boost Coaching in Auckland - click here for details.


By purchasing a swim program you understand that Boost Coaching Ltd has provided these programs as a general guide to assist you with your training. By purchasing and completing a swim program it is not a guarantee that you will be able to complete the event and Boost Coaching is not liable for any injury you may receive from swimming or if you are unable to complete the swimming event you took part in. For a more personalized and comprehensive swim program consider the Ultimate Boost or booking a 1:1 lesson for an assessment on your swimming ability and program recommendations.