Swim Training Plan

This is the essential swim program for open water swimmers and triathletes.

Now with two options

  1. Novice Plan - 1800m-2500m Training Sessions

  2. Intermediate Advanced Plan - 2200-4500m Training Sessions


This plan has been developed for swimmers not part of swim squads that really want to improve their freestyle for open water swim events and triathlons.

We are a New Zealand based business so generally the program utilizes the off season between May - October and the peak season from November - April. 

The emphasis on the sessions, will predominantly be around building sustainable and efficient technique and through each month the program will evolve with specific technique work and sets to measure your progress. 

$7.00 per week
Invoiced monthly ($30.35)
You can unsubscribe at any stage.

"Subscribers that I am monitoring, are swimming more efficiently. The times they're achieving through key sets being much more sustainable from start to finish". Head Coach - Andrew Mackay


You will need this swimming equipment at the pool

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Hannah Crossan

"The training programs gave me variety and structure for my training toward Challenge Wanaka. My goal was to swim a sub 32min 1900m and ended up exceeding expectations with 31min. Thank you Andy, I’ll be back for more as I set up for my next event."

What does a week look like?

The program is delivered with three pool sessions per week.  In the early part of the season the training has specific technique focus for one of the sessions per week and then the other two sessions are either endurance, threshold or sprint training.  

How will I know what threshold, endurance and sprint swimming is for me?
We'll be using the tempo trainer to help manage this intensity, the sessions are structured in a way to help you learn and understand this. 

What if I don't want to use a Tempo Trainer Pro?

You don't have to use it but then will have to rely on your perceived effort and stroke rate being accurate from start to finish. Most age group swimmers can learn so much from the Tempo Trainer and this helps them to build the stroke rates that will help improve their open water swimming and event strategy.  

How long do I have to swim for in each session?

You will swim up to an hour but you may choose to do more. I provide ranges within key sets and you choose your ability level. So where some swimmers will do 10 reps others may do 6 reps or where some swimmers do 800 meters some will do 600 meters.  Can also adapt the sessions as needed. 

What distance is covered in each session? 

The distances range from 1800 meters to 4500 meters

Will I know how to do everything?

There are a list of swimming abbreviations that I provide and if there are parts of a session that may need further clarification I've generally put these in the notes for that session. Otherwise drop me an email and I will happily answer you. 

I think I will need help with technique - can you help? 

Yes - if you are based in Auckland I can take you for a 1:1 swim lesson and if you are outside of Auckland I am more than happy to review video footage and provide feedback on this - this would be charged at $65.00 per half hour (the same as a 1:1 lesson). Alternatively I have a number of contacts throughout the country that I can recommend and send you to.

When I start - what will happen next?

The program is delivered through Training Peaks so you will have to set up an account there (you are sent to the page to create the account). You just need to choose the FREE account.  The program will then be loaded into your training peaks account.  You will start at the same point as everyone else on the program at that time but will be provided some key sets to help get you get up to speed with using your Tempo Trainer Pro. 

I already have a coach providing me everything but a swim program - can I still subscribe? 

Sorry the program is for non-coached athletes wanting swimming support. If your training peaks account is shared with another coach the plan will not be provided to you. 



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