Setting Up Training Peaks

Create an account

You will need to create a Training Peaks Account that is connected to Boost Coaching.

Connect to Boost Coaching - click here

Any issues with Training Peaks you need to create a HELP TICKET or search the Training Peaks Help Resources.

Polar Auto Sync

If you are using a Polar device you can auto sync your workouts from Polar Flow to Training Peaks.

Auto Sync your Polar - click here


If you are using a Garmin device you can auto sync your workouts to Training Peaks you just need to have Garmin Express set-up as well.

Auto Sync your Garmin - click here

More FAQ on Garmin auto sync


Click here to connect your Movescount Training Peaks 


Some of the newer devices will log your data immediately using your smart phone and the various device apps such as the Polar Flow app or Garmin App.  

It is expected that you data is uploaded as often as possible and at a bare minimum on Wednesday and after your weekend training on Sunday or Monday.