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Purchase a training program leading toward an event that you are training for. We have some programs ready to go right now for triathlon, swimming, cycling and running. 

Current Training programs and prices

  1. Triathlon training programs
  2. Swimming training programs
  3. Cycle training programs
  4. Run training programs

For all other inquires please complete the form below 

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May include: goal/ training time available/other commitments/general training schedule to date/experience at this type of event/nutrition knowledge

Additional Support

You may e-mail the coach once after the initial set-up is done to ask any questions about the program.

After this support is provided over the phone at $65 per half hour. Areas that a commonly covered are 

  • Training zones set up from each discipline (30min) 
  • Data Analysis Review (45-60min) requires at least 4-6 weeks of data
  • Race Day Strategy (60min) - Heart Rate Zones to work toward, optimal run pacing guidelines, nutrition plan discussion.
  • Training and Racing Nutrition Plan (30-45min) 
  • Program restructuring for personal situation (30-60min)

Please be prepared when you book these times.

  1. Key questions you want to ask
  2. Have data uploaded and up to date
  3. Outline current understanding eg. prepare a nutrition plan prior to discussion   

If there are basic questions in regards to the program to aid your understanding then there is no problem in asking these questions but if you want guidance with regards to restructuring the program due to your own personal situation or sickness, injury etc then there will be a cost to the support and advice required.