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Purchase a training program leading toward an event that you are training for. We have some programs ready to go right now for triathlon, swimming, cycling and running. 

Current Training programs and prices

  1. Triathlon training programs
  2. Swimming training programs
  3. Cycle training programs
  4. Run training programs

For all other inquires please complete the form below 

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Add-on price schedule 

You may e-mail the coach once after the initial set-up is done to ask any questions about the program. After this support is provided at the following rates listed below.

Add-on Communication Cost Other information
Consultation 15min $35.00 Email or phone outside of the program offer
Consultation 30min $59.00 Email or phone outside of the program offer
Consultation 45min $80.00 Email or phone outside of the program offer
Training Zones Set-up Email $59.00 For just one sport $59.00 + $15.00 for each additional discipline
1:1 Training Session 30-60min in person $57-$85 Discount for multiple sessions - please visit Boost Coaching 1:1 for more details on each discipline
Data Analysis Review Email $85.00 After a given period of time you may want to have your data reviewed. Key notes are passed on to the individual.No more than 6 weeks data will be reviewed.
Race Day Strategy Email $85.00 Be provided with key HR/Power or Pace zones guidelines toward your event.
Race Day Nutrition Plan Email & Phone $85.00 I have had years of experience in developing individual nutrition plans. I'd recommend setting this up early on so you can practice during your training. NB I am not a qualified nutritionist.
Race Day Combo Email/Phone $119.00 Set yourself up with a Race Day Nutrition and Strategy Plan - choose both these options for $119 (30% Discount)
Post Race Review 30min $59.00 Complete a post race analyis and then in your meeting review the data from the event and get feedback on this for further learning.