Touch Under the Arm Drill (TUA)

The recovery part of the stroke is important as the way the arm moves out of the water often reflects what happens in the water especially at the start of the catch. 

Key Learnings

You to need to start by thinking about tracking the arms parallel to the body – imagine you are in the middle of railway tracks and your arms have to stay on each track!

The TUA part of the drill is teaching you to get your shoulder up a little higher rather than being flat on the water (reduces the frontal drag part of the stroke).

Physical Cues

  1. The thumb touching under the arm to ensure the arm is tracking forward not swinging from outside in
  2. Back of the hand relaxed and facing the direction you are swimming the whole way through the stroke recovery phase

Common Faults

  1. The arm swinging from the outside in
  2.  As a result of a swinging arm there is a cross over at the front of the stroke
  3. Elbow dropping after passing the shoulder resulting in a couple of different things 
    • A flat arm entry
    • A slapping sound with the entry
    • A disengaged shoulder when it should be engaged as the arm perpares to start the entry/catch arm motion.