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Boost Coaching works alongside performance based athletes or weekend warriors that want transformational results through a professionally delivered personalised approach. We know that training is only one part of the solution to achieving personal goals or challenges and Boost Coaching aims to partner with individuals that want a service that goes well beyond a training program - our team is completely committed to your goals and working with you to achieve them. 


The service we offer is something we take pride in.

  • Our coaches are approachable and understanding – they’ve been on the journey that you will take, so know that challenges that are thrown at you. We are contactable and will reply quickly to your needs

  • Our programs are integrated into your current life – we know that your work and family commitments are important so our approach is to make this work with the time you allocate for training toward your goals. The program can adapt as needed due to any factors arising.

  • Our approach has us partnering with key providers (should they be needed) to enhance the results. These experts in their field provide advice or services that support Boost athletes by providing solutions to catapult and enhance results.

  • Our business provides you with discounts on partner supplies such as nutrition, wetsuits and more, as well as discounts from Boost Coaching delivered services such as swimming coaching and training camps.

  • Our group training sessions are delivered in Auckland and bring likeminded people together to enjoy and challenge themselves on their training day.

  • Our private online community provides a network of athletes with varying experiences that not only encourage and motivate you but are also provide resources to help answer any questions.

  • Our coaches provide advice around nutrition & pacing as you approach your events and through your training, so you have an outline to prepare you for your Ultimate Boost goal.

  • Our coaches have mental skills tools to help build focus and keep you on track through to the event day and provide general counselling around training challenges.

  • Our analysis helps us to develop your training and provide us with valuable resource of information to help you achieve results at the events you pursue. We use tools such as training peaks and WKO+ analysis tools.

Ultimate Boost Coaching Costs

1:1 Sessions
Swim Lessons - 10% discount
Run (45min) $85 & $65 @ 151 Gym Wednesday (30min)
Cycling (45-60min) - $85 North Shore Auckland
Cycling (45-60min) - $130 Central Auckland
**Group sessions can be arranged with other Boost Members to reduce costs

Ultimate Boost
$69.00 per week

+$100 Setup fee
5% Discount 6-12 months
10% Discount 12+ months 

All payments are required to be set-up on a monthly basis - so the rate above is annualized and paid monthly through an automatic payment. Additional 4.5% for paypal payments.

Please understand there is a limited intake for the Ultimate Boost Program due to the prompt and personal attention we offer as we set ourselves high standards too. If there is not space available for this program you will be advised of alternative solutions. 

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If you are passionate about achieving a goal event for the first time or want to do it better so you can strive to achieve a podium result, represent your country or qualify for an event - then if you have these qualities below it is time to start the ULTIMATE BOOST!

- Believe in yourself so that you can achieve your personal challenge

- Open to new ideas,ways of training, feedback and communication

- Organised in your work and life so you can prioritise and manage training that is set

- Survival Instinct - meaning you have the will to push on when it gets challenging

- Trust the process and advice that is provided to you by the coaches

- Motivated to achieve something that is special to you and that may inspire others

- Empowered to be your best

We hope that by working with a Boost Coach you will have best opportunity to get you the ULTIMATE outcome on the day, we've successfully taken 100's of athletes toward their goal event so tell us what your goal is.