What we do?

Boost coaching provides training programs made to meet your goal event and budget. Choose  one of the four coaching options, the Ultimate Boost, Give Me A Boost, Boost Coaching 1:1 or a Boost Coaching Training Consultation - learn more

Whether you are boosting your way to Ironman, boosting your way to a marathon or have other events that you need a boost to, then make sure you contact us as our team have boosted many athletes towards their goals and many of these athletes are just like you – meet some of the athletes part of the Boost Coaching Team or learn more about the Head Coach - Andrew Mackay.

Our Mission

Boost Coaching offers coaching solutions for the urban athlete to prepare for event goals. We believe in a personable approach delivered professionally. We understand the importance of balancing each individuals life priorities so integrate this to our personalized programs. 

We are committed to the goals of each individual and for this we expect the individuals we work with to be committed to the journey that they embark on from the start to finish.

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Boost Coaching has supported hundreds of athletes to achieve their goals.
— Andrew Mackay, Head Coach